It’s messy out there so let’s talk trash…again

February 5, 2016

Due to lock and key issues, the glass recycling bins have been unlocked for several weeks. This experiment is not going well.  We believe that passers-by are depositing general trash into the bins spoiling them for pick up.  Our trash service will not pick up glass that is mixed with other trash.  We are working toward a long term solution to secure the entire trash area but in the meantime, we ask that you, kind resident, be vigilant.

Garbage and Recycling

  • please adhere to city ordinances on qualifying trash and recyclables (pizza boxes are not recyclable)
  • glass only in the designated bins
  • do not leave unwanted household goods or furniture, boxes, trash, glass, or recyclables outside of the bins (by doing so you are expecting your neighbor to clean up after you)
  • refer to the proper way to dispose of used motor oil (clear screw top containers of one gallon or less, such as milk containers), paint, and other toxic substances
  • please be considerate of those living adjacent to the trash and recycling collection area—the harsh noise created from slamming the lids on the containers and tossing glass into the bins is disruptive to your neighbors
  • do not leave recyclables if the bin is full—they will be treated as trash and thrown into the garbage bin
  • trash collection is on Monday and Thursday, mixed use recycling on Thursday and Sunday, and glass (both unlocked bins) on Thursday

There are many independent trash/unwanted household goods hauling services for oversized or hazardous items throughout the metro area.  One recommendation is:

Mike and Dad’s Hauling

Thank you!