Fall/Winter 2017-18 Update

November 2, 2017

Maintenance Projects

Entry doors and window sills have been repaired and painted on the north and east sides of the building.

The outdoor faucets now have vandal proof locks installed.  Should you need to use them contact rosie@superiorcommunity.com for the combination.

Common area carpets and entrance mats have been professionally cleaned.

Trees surrounding and adjacent to the building have been pruned.

Exterior building lighting has been inspected and repaired, however the sealants will be corrected this fall.

Gutters have been cleaned and inspected.

New buttons for the entrance panel will be replaced this fall.


If you plan to be away for 24 hours or more during cold weather, please leave your heat on low and if freezing temperatures are predicted, leave faucets on at a slow drip.

Items stored in the basement in locked assigned units are at risk for occasional water damage.  If you have shelving or access to wood pallets you may want to consider elevating your storables from the floor in your unit.