Chasselton general information update

November 2, 2017

Common Areas

  • Please do not leave any personal items, INCLUDING SHOES AND UMBRELLAS in the hallways, basement, or any common areas inside or outside the building.

Exterior Doors

  • Please make certain the entrance doors are completely closed and locked behind you coming and going. The south entrance is occasionally problematic—to open the door turn key to the right and/or push the panic bar to ensure it closes.

Air Conditioning Units

  • Make sure your window unit is installed properly and securely.
  • Manufacturers recommend removing, maintaining, and storing units for the winter.

Garbage Disposals

  • The garbage disposals installed in the units are great for clearing your drain of small food scraps. The plumbing in this building is not meant to carry large quantities of food waste.
  • When using the disposal run plenty of cold water.

Unwanted Home Furnishings | Recycle Bins & Trash

  • Please do not leave trash, unwanted furniture, or other belongings outside the bins in the trash collection area. There is a Goodwill several blocks west on Sandy.
  • Kindly deposit all trash and recyclables allowed by the city in the bins in the gated and locked enclosure outside the building. The collection service will not pick up items left outside of the bins, or glass if bags or other trash is in the bin.
  • Simply use your building entrance key to unlock the gate. Please be sure to close the gate behind you.

Stolen Packages | Bikes

  • Packages delivered outside the front entrance or interior mail reception area are at risk for theft.
  • For one more layer of security, the interior door to basement storage is now locked but may be unlocked with the common key.
  • Bikes may be stored, at the residents discretion, in the basement and should be locked to the racks in the most theft proof manner possible.
  • Report theft to the Portland Police.

Respect Your Neighbors

Condo dwelling is not for everyone but practicing a few simple courtesies contributes to a more amicable life for all residents at the Chasselton.

  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am. Please refrain from playing loud music and  running noisy appliances during this period.
  • Kindly be aware of how smoking in your unit and near the exterior of the building will affect your neighbors. Please dispose of cigarette waste properly, not in the planters or on the grounds around the building.
  • If you have an issue with a neighbor speak with him/her. It is not up to the property management group or the Chasselton board to mediate conflicts between residents.


  • Parking has become increasingly competitive around the building. Avoid a ticket by noting that parking has been prohibited from all sides of the Randall | Buxton | 28th Ave triangle.

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