Chasselton Condominium 2015

January 5, 2015

Chasselton Condominium is a building comprised of 36 privately owned homes—some are owner occupied and some are leased.

By practicing simple courtesies we hope to make living here a pleasurable experience for everyone. If you are new to the building, please register for a user account for comprehensive information regarding management, policies, and operations.

A few key reminders:

Common area

  • no smoking in common areas or within 10 feet of the exterior of the building
  • do not leave unattended items or trash in hallways or other common areas

Quiet hours

  • from 10 pm to 7 am, however, kindly exercise courtesy at all hours

Basement storage

  • at the resident’s discretion, in the locked spaces assigned to each unit
  • do not store or leave unwanted items including furniture, household goods, building materials, etc., in the common basement space – there is a Goodwill donation site a few blocks away on Sandy
  • unattended bicycle storage is available – please lock your bikes

Garbage and recycling

  • please adhere to city ordinances on qualifying trash and recyclables
  • contact community management or the owner of your unit or for keys to the glass recycling bin
  • do not leave trash, glass, or recyclables outside of the bins (by doing so you are expecting your neighbor to clean up after you)

Community Management

For issues regarding common area elements please contact:

Superior Community Management
for emergencies call 503.684.1832

For issues with the interior of your unit, please contact the owner or property management group representing the owner of your unit.