Chasselton Basement Construction

June 18, 2015

ATTN:  Chasselton Condominium Residents

The Board of Directors and Superior Community Management would like to inform you that beginning Monday June 22nd and lasting through Friday June 26th, specialty contractor Terra Firma will be on site to begin retrofitting the supporting beams in the northwestern crawlspace of the building that have suffered some collapse.

This project and their equipment/vehicles will potentially affect daytime noise and parking within and around the building.  Please be courteous to their employees and patient with the construction activities onsite during the week.

Additionally, they will be accessing the crawlspace from the bike rack room in the basement.  All residents must remove their bicycles temporarily from the furthest two racks at the back of this bike storage room to allow for equipment, workers, and materials to be utilized for this project.  We will also be having the racks temporarily removed so they can utilize this space.  Any bicycles that remain locked to the bike racks being removed will be moved with them to their temporary location.  Any damage suffered to your bicycle will not be the responsibility of the Association as we have hereby provided notice that they MUST be removed. 

Once the project is complete, again, expected Friday June 26th, we will have the bike racks reinstalled for you to again lock your bikes for storage purposes.

We appreciate your cooperation, and thank you for your patience as this project gets underway.


Chasselton Condominiums
Board of Directors
Superior Community Management