News from the HOA Board

Common area refurbishment

January 18, 2022

As you may already be aware, a committee has been formed with an eye towards refreshing the interior common areas of the building (the lobby and hallways). The goal is to repaint with a more modern color scheme, install new lighting fixtures that run on LED lights, and replace the carpet. Door frames and trip will be painted, but your individual unit doors will not be repainted, as that was done just a few years ago.


Friday, January 14
New iron railings were installed at all the staircases, replacing the old painted wooden ones.

Tuesday, January 18
Verhaalen Painting will be at the building to test paint the first floor hallway south of the main lobby. Keep an eye out for “wet paint” signs.

Thursday, January 20
Go Green Remodeling will be on site to remove hallway artwork and signage.

Monday, January 24
Verhaalen will return to continue painting, starting with the second floor. The team will be using our basement for storage and for lunch breaks. In return they are painting the first room as you enter the basement–free! Painting is expected to take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Installation of the new lighting fixtures will occur after painting is complete.

New carpet will be installed in late summer, most likely in August.

Emergency shut-off instructions

February 3, 2017

Superior Community Management has put together a handy sheet of instructions for shutting off the building’s water, gas, and electricity. Please contact Superior immediately if there is an emergency and you need to shut off any of these utilities.

Please note that gas & electricity should only be shut off in a dire emergency, and only if the utility company cannot be contacted to do it.

If you are having plumbing work done and need to shut off the water, please schedule a minimum of 48 hours ahead by contacting Superior Community Management, who will notify the building residents.

To download a PDF of the Emergency Procedures instructions, log in at and navigate to the Documents page. This page is available to homeowners only, so if you rent your unit, please ensure that you provide your renters with a copy of this document.