Community Notices

Basement Storage

May 9, 2017

Empty propane canisters and an empty gas can have been found in the basement on the shelves outside the bike room. If these items belong to you, please remove them immediately. Combustibles are especially hazardous and are not to be stored in the storage units or in any common area. If these items are not removed within 5 days (by May 14, 2017), they will be disposed of.

The basement common area is not to be used for disposal or storage of any personal items. Please store all personal items in your individual storage unit and dispose of any trash or used items.

Thanks for your help.


Chasselton Board of Directors
Superior Community Management

Chasselton Condominium Spring/Summer 2017

May 5, 2017

Window sill repair and painting on the north and east sides of the building will begin this spring.

The guidelines for glass disposal have been modified. Glass may no longer be placed in the refuse bins in bags of any material [i.e., paper, plastic]. It’s noisy so please consider your neighbors when depositing loose glass recyclables!

As we happily head into warmer weather it’s a good time to tune up those window air conditioners and make sure they’re in-stalled properly. Guidelines may be found on our website in the R&R’s.

Have a great summer!

Missing package

May 31, 2016

Dear Chasselton residents:

On May 26 a package was delivered to the mail reception area for Derek Garton in Unit 22. He has reported the package missing or stolen. It is our hope that it was taken from the lobby in error and will be returned.


Steps to follow if your package is missing or stolen:

  1. Report the missing or stolen package, with a brief description of the contents and value, to the Portland Police
  2. Contact the sender of the package to report the theft
  3. You may need to file a claim with the carrier
  4. Consider having a signature required for packages received here OR delivered to you at work, a PO Box or a FedEx/UPS package receiving facility


Chasselton Project Report – Summer 2016

May 31, 2016

Our handsome gate securing the trash area has been completed and keyed to the locks at the main entrances of the building.  Please take care to close the gate behind you when leaving.  It is our hope that by securing the area it will remain tidy and there will be less noise for the residents living above.

Bushes and trees next to the building and on the parking strips will be trimmed by grounds maintenance crew and arbor care specialists in June.

Parking strips will be upgraded to include more step-off hard surface.  Some of the plants currently in this area will be transplanted to barren areas adjacent to the building.

Happy Summer!

Update 2016

May 31, 2016

exterior doors

  • Please make certain the entrance doors are completely closed and locked behind you coming and going. The south entrance is occasionally problematic—to open the door turn key to the right and/or push the panic bar to ensure it closes.

air conditioning units

  • Make sure your window unit is installed properly and securely. Manufacturers recommend removing, maintaining, and storing units for the winter.

garbage disposals

  • The garbage disposals installed in the units are great for clearing your drain of small food scraps. The plumbing in this building is not meant to carry large quantities of food waste.
  • When using the disposal run plenty of cold water.

unwanted home furnishings | recycle bins + trash

  • Please do not leave trash, unwanted furniture, or other belongs in common areas of the building and basement. There is a Goodwill several blocks west on Sandy.Kindly deposit all trash and recyclables allowed by the city in the bins in the gated and locked enclosure outside the building. The collection service will not pick up glass if other trash is in the bin.
  • Simply use your building entrance key to unlock the gate. Please be sure to close the gate behind you.

stolen packages | bikes

  • Packages delivered outside the front entrance or interior mail reception area are at risk for theft.
  • Bikes may be stored, at the residents discretion, in the basement and should be locked to the racks in the most theft proof manner possible.
  • Please report theft to the Portland Police Department.

respect your neighbors

Condo dwelling is not for everyone but practicing a few simple courtesies contributes to a more amicable life for all residents at the Chasselton.

  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am. Please refrain from playing loud music and running noisy appliances during this period.
  • Kindly be aware of how smoking in your unit and near the exterior of the building will affect your neighbors. Please dispose of cigarette waste properly, not in the planters or on the grounds around the building.
  • If you have an issue with a neighbor speak with him/her. It is not up to the property management group or the Chasselton board to mediate conflicts between residents.

  • More news and information! Visit the community bulletin board to join the forum and post events!


Carpet cleaning and a gate for the garbage area

May 12, 2016

On Friday May 13, West Meyer Fence will be on site to install a locking gate on our garbage area. The lock will be fitted to your front door key, so you won’t need an additional key to open the gate. It is our hope that this gate will make our trash area more secure and tidy. Please make sure the gate is locked at all times.

On Monday May 16, Atiyeh Brothers will be here to clean the hallway carpets, so you may hear some noise from their equipment throughout the day, and if you have a welcome mat outside your door you may want to bring it inside your unit for the day.

Contact Troy at Superior Community Management (503-684-1832 or if you have any questions.


Chasselton Board & Superior Community Management

It’s messy out there so let’s talk trash…again

February 5, 2016

Due to lock and key issues, the glass recycling bins have been unlocked for several weeks. This experiment is not going well.  We believe that passers-by are depositing general trash into the bins spoiling them for pick up.  Our trash service will not pick up glass that is mixed with other trash.  We are working toward a long term solution to secure the entire trash area but in the meantime, we ask that you, kind resident, be vigilant.

Garbage and Recycling

  • please adhere to city ordinances on qualifying trash and recyclables (pizza boxes are not recyclable)
  • glass only in the designated bins
  • do not leave unwanted household goods or furniture, boxes, trash, glass, or recyclables outside of the bins (by doing so you are expecting your neighbor to clean up after you)
  • refer to the proper way to dispose of used motor oil (clear screw top containers of one gallon or less, such as milk containers), paint, and other toxic substances
  • please be considerate of those living adjacent to the trash and recycling collection area—the harsh noise created from slamming the lids on the containers and tossing glass into the bins is disruptive to your neighbors
  • do not leave recyclables if the bin is full—they will be treated as trash and thrown into the garbage bin
  • trash collection is on Monday and Thursday, mixed use recycling on Thursday and Sunday, and glass (both unlocked bins) on Thursday

There are many independent trash/unwanted household goods hauling services for oversized or hazardous items throughout the metro area.  One recommendation is:

Mike and Dad’s Hauling

Thank you!

Personal items in the basement

January 6, 2016

There is a small pile of personal items in the basement, in the space between the storage units for #26 and #27. The items include some pillows, an iron, a dented window screen, and a few scraps of wood. They have been there for quite some time, and we suspect that they were left behind by a previous renter, although the screen is a recent addition to the pile.

However, if these items are yours, please remove them immediately, as personal items may not be stored in the basement outside of designated storage units, or bicycles in the bicycle room.

These items will be thrown away if they are not removed within the next 14 days (January 20).

In general, please do not leave trash or unwanted items in the common areas of the basement.

Thank you for helping to keep our building clean and tidy!

Chasselton Board