Community Notices

Wishful recycling

January 25, 2022

Hello neighbors!

Many of us with the best intentions could be causing tons of recyclables to end up in a landfill. Do you on occasion hover over the recycling, and waste bins struggling internally to decide what item goes where? We all want to save the environment one piece of trash at a time. So it is always better to recycle than toss in the trash, right? Unfortunately, no.

As it turns out, ‘wishful recyclers’ can actually cause more harm than good when it comes to recycling. ‘Wishful recycling’, or tossing items in the recycling bin that you hope are recyclable or think should be, could be contaminating inbound streams of recyclable materials and causing tons (literally, tons) of recycled items to be sent to landfills instead of being recycled.

Using plastic can liners to collect recyclables in your home? Kindly don’t toss them into the recycling bin–empty the plastic bags into the bin and reuse or dispose of them in the trash bin. Also, please note that any non-glass in the glass bin, including bags, boxes, corks, or lids, can cause the recycling company to refuse to pick up, so please, toss only clean glass bottles and jars, as listed on the attachment, in the glass bin.

Please take a moment to read the Portland waste management guide to make the correct recycling choices so that the whole bin doesn’t end up in landfill.

Thank you!

Chasselton Board

City of Portland Garbage and Recycling Guide page 1

City of Portland Garbage and Recycling Guide page 2

Download a PDF

Common area refurbishment

January 18, 2022

As you may already be aware, a committee has been formed with an eye towards refreshing the interior common areas of the building (the lobby and hallways). The goal is to repaint with a more modern color scheme, install new lighting fixtures that run on LED lights, and replace the carpet. Door frames and trip will be painted, but your individual unit doors will not be repainted, as that was done just a few years ago.


Friday, January 14
New iron railings were installed at all the staircases, replacing the old painted wooden ones.

Tuesday, January 18
Verhaalen Painting will be at the building to test paint the first floor hallway south of the main lobby. Keep an eye out for “wet paint” signs.

Thursday, January 20
Go Green Remodeling will be on site to remove hallway artwork and signage.

Monday, January 24
Verhaalen will return to continue painting, starting with the second floor. The team will be using our basement for storage and for lunch breaks. In return they are painting the first room as you enter the basement–free! Painting is expected to take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Installation of the new lighting fixtures will occur after painting is complete.

New carpet will be installed in late summer, most likely in August.

No Tailgating Policy

August 13, 2019

The Chasselton Condo Board of Directors and Superior Community Management wants to create the safest possible environment for our residents, and we need your help! Over the last couple of years, we’ve had a significant rise in stolen bikes, packages, and other security issues. Like you, we want to feel safe in our home. With your help, we can achieve that goal by implementing a NO TAILGATING policy.

What is tailgating?

  • Tailgating occurs when an unauthorized person slips in through a door before it closes.
  • It is a breach of security. Locks are in place to protect our residents.
  • While the person trying to follow you in may be a resident or have a legitimate reason to be here, it’s up to all of us to ensure we are not letting in unauthorized people into the building.

Holding the door open for others is a considerate, normal action, but that doesn’t make it okay. Don’t get us wrong; we want you to be courteous, but, first and foremost, we want you to maintain the physical security of our building.


  • Don’t let people piggyback or tailgate through doors.
  • Don’t hold the door for anyone you don’t recognize, and make sure no one slips in behind you.
  • If you are not expecting guests or a delivery, don’t buzz unauthorized people in through the call box.


  • If you find a door that is propped open, do close it.
  • If you find a door that does not automatically close or has a broken lock, do contact Superior Community Management immediately.
  • When possible, do try to meet food or package delivery persons at the front door to ensure they exit appropriately.

What should I do if I don’t recognize the person?

  • Offer assistance. Ask “May I help you find someone?”

What should I do if I see a suspicious person or behavior?

  • Call Superior Community Management at 503-684-1832, but always call 911 first if your safety is in jeopardy.

With your help, we can reduce the amount of theft and unsafe situations in the building. Thank you for your cooperation in making the Chasselton a safer place to live.

Emergency water shut-off

July 19, 2018

Attention Chasselton Residents:

There was a plumbing emergency in the building early this morning which has required the water to be turned off throughout the building. A plumber is on-site working on the problem, and the water will be turned back on as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Paint cans left in basement

April 18, 2018

To whom it may concern: please remove the paint cans left in the basement at the entrance to the bike room and dispose of them according to city guidelines.

One can of what looks like oil-based paint has been left without a lid and poses a hazard to our building and its residents.

Storage of unwanted items in common areas of the basement is not allowed. Please clean up after your projects.

Thank you.

Chasselton HOA & Superior Community Management

Got Leftover Paint?

Recycle up to 35 gallons of unwanted paint free of charge at Metro Central or Metro South. Or, use Metro’s Find-a-recycler tool to locate drop-off sites near you. Please note: the MetroPaint facility at Swan Island does not accept unwanted paint for recycling.

Pet waste on grounds and barking reported

December 5, 2017

Many residents have reported that pet waste has been repeatedly left on and around the planting strips at the Randall Street entrance to our building.


Our groundskeepers are not contracted to clean up after pets.

There have also been reports of ongoing dog barking during the day which is disruptive to residents. Fortunately, many daycare options are available for those who must leave pets while away.

Kindly be considerate of your neighbors, the grounds, and all common areas.

Thank you!

Fall/Winter 2017-18 Update

November 2, 2017

Maintenance Projects

Entry doors and window sills have been repaired and painted on the north and east sides of the building.

The outdoor faucets now have vandal proof locks installed.  Should you need to use them contact for the combination.

Common area carpets and entrance mats have been professionally cleaned.

Trees surrounding and adjacent to the building have been pruned.

Exterior building lighting has been inspected and repaired, however the sealants will be corrected this fall.

Gutters have been cleaned and inspected.

New buttons for the entrance panel will be replaced this fall.


If you plan to be away for 24 hours or more during cold weather, please leave your heat on low and if freezing temperatures are predicted, leave faucets on at a slow drip.

Items stored in the basement in locked assigned units are at risk for occasional water damage.  If you have shelving or access to wood pallets you may want to consider elevating your storables from the floor in your unit.


Chasselton general information update

November 2, 2017

Common Areas

  • Please do not leave any personal items, INCLUDING SHOES AND UMBRELLAS in the hallways, basement, or any common areas inside or outside the building.

Exterior Doors

  • Please make certain the entrance doors are completely closed and locked behind you coming and going. The south entrance is occasionally problematic—to open the door turn key to the right and/or push the panic bar to ensure it closes.

Air Conditioning Units

  • Make sure your window unit is installed properly and securely.
  • Manufacturers recommend removing, maintaining, and storing units for the winter.

Garbage Disposals

  • The garbage disposals installed in the units are great for clearing your drain of small food scraps. The plumbing in this building is not meant to carry large quantities of food waste.
  • When using the disposal run plenty of cold water.

Unwanted Home Furnishings | Recycle Bins & Trash

  • Please do not leave trash, unwanted furniture, or other belongings outside the bins in the trash collection area. There is a Goodwill several blocks west on Sandy.
  • Kindly deposit all trash and recyclables allowed by the city in the bins in the gated and locked enclosure outside the building. The collection service will not pick up items left outside of the bins, or glass if bags or other trash is in the bin.
  • Simply use your building entrance key to unlock the gate. Please be sure to close the gate behind you.

Stolen Packages | Bikes

  • Packages delivered outside the front entrance or interior mail reception area are at risk for theft.
  • For one more layer of security, the interior door to basement storage is now locked but may be unlocked with the common key.
  • Bikes may be stored, at the residents discretion, in the basement and should be locked to the racks in the most theft proof manner possible.
  • Report theft to the Portland Police.

Respect Your Neighbors

Condo dwelling is not for everyone but practicing a few simple courtesies contributes to a more amicable life for all residents at the Chasselton.

  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am. Please refrain from playing loud music and  running noisy appliances during this period.
  • Kindly be aware of how smoking in your unit and near the exterior of the building will affect your neighbors. Please dispose of cigarette waste properly, not in the planters or on the grounds around the building.
  • If you have an issue with a neighbor speak with him/her. It is not up to the property management group or the Chasselton board to mediate conflicts between residents.


  • Parking has become increasingly competitive around the building. Avoid a ticket by noting that parking has been prohibited from all sides of the Randall | Buxton | 28th Ave triangle.

  • Register for important messages, more news, and information about our community.

Please close the south door (Buxton St.) behind you

October 10, 2017

The south door does not always latch automatically as the weather contracts and expands the door. To insure proper closing, please press and release the push bar when entering the building, and check that the door latches when exiting.

For the security and safety of all residents, please be mindful of this issue. Thank you for your help.

For questions or concerns please contact our community manager, Rosie Herboth.

Lost cellular phone

May 26, 2017

Nicholas in unit #33 may have dropped his phone (Black LG G3) on 28th just outside the front entrance late on the night of the 24th. If found, please contact Nicholas at