Basement construction rescheduled

June 23, 2015

The Board of Directors and Superior Community Management must inform you that as of Tuesday June 23rd, Terra Firma unfortunately had to reschedule the crawlspace project due to lack of available parking.  They will be excavating a significant amount of dirt from the crawlspace, and without having adjacent access to the building will delay the project beyond the scheduled one week duration.

They are tentatively rescheduled for July 8th dependent upon their ability to obtain no parking permits to allow for their vehicles.  This will be notified to all owners once confirmed.

Our apologies for those of you that are now storing your bicycles in your units.  We will place the bike racks to their original location, but will require that you remove them again once this project commences for access purposes as indicated previously.

We appreciate your cooperation, and thank you for your patience as this project is rescheduled.


Chasselton Condominiums Board of Directors
Superior Community Management